March 29, 2008

The Wash

The wash is like 23% of my life so i decided i should talk about it and let everyone get a feel for how dope things are for 23% of my life.

I recently started working at the good ole wash again after being out for roughly three months due to an injury helping me discover other tragic wrongings in my fibula region. So when i returned to the wash i was stoked to finally get working again and it has been good so far but it reminded me of how ridiculous some human beings are. for instance, the people who have cars that are total piles of garbage....they seem to be the ones who are way way way cautious about us lining them up..pretty annoying huh. Sometimes we get cholo's that come in thinkin they're hot with thier SUPED UP HONDA CIVIC 4 Cyliner BRO...those always provide a nice chuckle in the middle of a hard days work. Often times we'll get those massive trucks that have been lifted 70 times and the drivers name is usually somewhere along the lines of Russ, or Chuck. The drivers of the trucks always have a cowboy hat on and they insist on sticking thier head out the window to line themselves up, because what do we know, we only work there right? I know, the customers are not dope but they are human beings too, with IQ's of about 45 and what some people might call "mentally retarded." Its ok though because my next subject really hits the spot.

Co Workers

I work with some crazy gentlemen..lets see...Steve James, Riley Turner, Jake Ericson, Tyson Mcdonald, and uh...this kid named Danny but nobody likes him so we dont let him work.
What do we do? well its slow like 90% of the time so we get a few lawn chairs out and chill in the sun, talk, longboard, hit golf balls into the construction zone of condo's being built as you read this, skate, have "time trials" on Razor scooters, drink glass bottles of coke and shatter them on brick walls haha, squirt gun fights with high powered guns that can puncture the skin of a rhino, ride through the car wash in the back of a pick-up truck, get on a skateboard and let the giant blowers blow us from one end of the wash to the other, burn cd's in the microwave, watch judge joe brown, toss around the ole' pigskin, oh and we also wash cars.

The Boss

Names William, but he prefers you call him Bill. He has had a tough life and he likes to go to dances still. Real nice guy you should meet him. When he is at the wash he makes us do things that are pointless but he wants his moneys worth outta us! He doesnt wash his car much which is strange since it costs him virtually nothing, but you should respect him anyways or else i'll judge you. Loves cheesy bread and Riley, partially because he is brothers with Leaf and so he is the next closes thing to Leaf? Its really fun sucking up to Bill because he just smiles and doesnt realize whats going on.


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