April 21, 2008

Best music ever.

Third Eye Blind

...Third Eye Blind

This is the best band ever. by far. hands down muchacho. (i realize the guy on the far right with long hair looks like a douche bag, but give him a chance..)
Zero bands have more amazing songs then Third Eye. If you dont like Third Eye Blind then i will fight you. Just to name a few songs they have
Anything (favorite song of the day)
Crystal Baller
Never Let You Go
Blinded (when i see you)
Deep inside of you
Ode to Maybe
Semi-Charmed Life
God Of Wine

those are just some of my favorites. but im just saying...if you do not listen to at least one third eye blind song a day...then your life is not complete.

oh and i will fight you

ps i am really having a hard time respecting the guy on the very right hand side of the picture. His appearance makes me want to strike him right in the face. but still, fantastic artist. he may be even better then michael angelo. i dont know though im not columbo

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Unknown said...

i am not going to lie i havent listened to much third eye blind in my day! i guess i am going to have to step it up