April 8, 2008

Grinds my Gears

Grinds my gears

1. People with those huge trucks that spit out black smoke on purpose because they think it makes them look like bigger men.

2. Kids that get those tiny honda civics and put shiny rims and huge mufflers on them.

3. When kids say "word" "nar" "narley" or "BRO"...you know those kids, you know you want to strike them too.

4. Oh those kids who walk around school in wife beaters wanting to fight people for no reason? haha

5. Chex Mix...

6. Eating at friends houses in front of thier families so no matter what you need to eat the food even if its nausiating.

7. people that say "recon" when dont even own a cowboy hat!

8. Grown adults that make such stupid commercials it probably loses business for them.

9. Those people who judge you for drinking caffine. haha

Great Picture, this does not grind my gears.

10. The Yankees

11. When the microwave makes like half your food scalding hot and the other half is still cold.

12. When girls from the ages of 7-14 roughly add an "a" after every word. for example "ok-a!" "stop ita!" ...you know? its crazy.

13. When people say pellow, its PILLOW.

14. or the same thing but with the word milk. its not melk.

15. Kids that wear nothing but hollister...get over it guys come on..

16. Iron Maiden, The band kids at my school ONLY wear Iron Maiden attire i swear.

17. Black liquorice

18. The people that have to come to a complete stop before turning right, it makes you slam on your brakes way way hard and its crazy annoying.

19. Hillary Clinton, Terrible person.
hillary clinton sniper

20. When you get into the shower and then it gets way way hot or way way cold and you cant get it just right.

21. Kobe Bryant really grinds my gears.

22. Communists.

23. When you want to go ride your bike but then when you start to ride it you realize there is a flat tire.

24. Birdwatchers.

25. John Sally and his attempt to make a disney movie.
John Salley

26. The Brothers Grimm..terrible film
Brothers Grimm

27. Those talk show hosts that wear the small shirts and prance around the stage like they're some kind of Conan O'Brien.

28. Babys that strive on world domination and will later fall in love with a rough trick named Jim.

29. People who judge other people on how green thier grass is.

30. The fuss over Zupas, it tastes like garbage.

31. Fat kid shirts, such as

32. People that snap thier fingers to get your attention.

33. When people flick you on the head...haha

34. Neighbors that call the cops on you for firing a bow and arrow into thier yard.

35. When teachers try to make themselves feel powerful by controlling kids.

36. Police officers that think they are hard for pulling you over. After all, they are the ones with a gun right?

37. Silly Utah kids that think they can rap.

38. Those kids who take pictures with thier camera phones with thier shirts off in front of the mirror and then post them on myspace....seriously can you get any more desperate? ...for example

39. Douche bags..i have the perfect example right here
definition of a douche bag

oh hey look another douchebag


Unknown said...

thats why we are celebrating before i go!! its going to be fabulous!! love you baby and this post bahaha

Camille said...

ahahah ok your funny. whatever. utah sucks.