April 16, 2008

The hoe named snow

uh .. k so i wake up this morn and i go outside........my car has freakin frost all over it and there is like two inches of snow on the ground, ITS APRIL which is kind of a depressing month for it to be snowing. The sky was blue, sun was shining though so i figured it would be a nice day.
yeah no it was snowing most of the day. blue skys + snow? make sense? no...hi im cameron i thought i had the world semi figured out but i guess not. yeah i go to the wash and im just chillin there with Steven "the clock" James and Tyson "ronald" Mcdonald and its still snowing.. yet cars are still getting car washes. w t f ? ? ? interesting day. im not actually mad about the situation im more shocked at the fact that human beings are still spending money on getting thier cars washed while its snowing. its like getting a car wash with a huge mud puddle right at the end haha. i want to approach the people and say:

"uh hi my names cameron im roughly 17.9 years old, if you asked people if i was a good kid they might say yes, maybe no. I dont know im not columbo...the fact of the matter is its snowing outside rendering a car wash useless to you as soon as you exit the carwash premises. Go ahead and save yourself the money and spend it un-wisely somewhere else...perhaps you can drive across the street to mad greek and get yourself a gyro. Gyro's are tasty and then you will be one step closer to joining the 31% of americans that are obese! quick example of an obese american...
Fat wheelie

you get the main bullet point of the presentation. i will go over them to simplify it though for those of us that are...nice people :)

1. Snowing + blue sky + 0 clouds.
2. People who pay for a car wash which is useless after the 3 minutes of car wash tunnel fun is up.
3. Gyro's are good


Sarahlala. said...

i am proud to say you're my brother

Cameron said...

bingo, trust. loyalty. sisterhood. thats what life is all about. charish those words and your life will work out well.