April 14, 2008


yeah i have been sick for roughly a week now...it sucks. i have missed school every day including today, i cant ever sleep, and i cough constantly. I have gone through like 8 bags of cough drops, and im just going to estimate ive had like 300 actually "drops." Watched Hot Rod (Most likely the best movie ever made) like 15 times and thats saying a lot considering sarah has had it in provo for roughly 6 out of the 9 days ive been sick.
Somehow i went on a date with bailee on friday and then hung out saturday too, makes zero sense....but at the time i didnt feel too sick, just a little.
i guess my main points are:
1. I have still played making dozens if not millions of people sick.
2. I am really sick im not faking it, thats not what i do..its not my thing.


Unknown said...

Yet again I LOVE YOU!

Unknown said...

umm you are more than welcome to come and you know that fool!