May 15, 2008

Just Some Thoughts

Not a fan of certain mormon related names. We know you are mormon you dont need to abuse your children by handing out terrible names.

In other news the other day i played halo for the first time in a long time, it was addicting. females will never understand why its so great but dont judge me for playing it sometimes. look at how happy taylor is playing (this picture was taken a long time ago, dont judge him but focus on the happiness from his face while engaged in halo)

I havent gone out to breakfast forever, its my favorite and i dont never do it. so help me.

Steve hates swords because everybody can teleport.

This guy came into the wash today and he looked like a mix between jack from tae kwon do! and coach harrington. it was wierd.

haha oh and when your girlfriend breaks up with you, dont change your voicemail to make yourself sound sad. people will lose sympathy.

Go steve your wrote this blog basically!

"cameron get our mail but no sleeping or having friends over at our house while we are gone. the air conditioning is off so it will be way hot, i doubt you'll want to stay here because it will be hot" - Lynnette Beste. Flip the air on and partay!!! my family went to Oregon Cameron-less so...i shall use the house to my advantage.

Plans for this weekend? oh i dont know...i might do some heroine. havent decided yet though its a toss up between heroine or extacy. help me decide please. or i was thinking maybe i'll go to a museum and not do any hard drugs. but im usually not a museum fan maybe the zoo.

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