May 27, 2008

Super crazy weekend.

It all started on friday at 1 o clock when i departed the alta high school premesis. i had to run and get a bunch of signitures and stuff for my eagle project in an hour and a half and i ended up spending 20$ in gas in 2 hours. lame..

later that night i was in an intense game of horse with fredrick when i recieved word from sam that cassidy and herself were finally ready to hit up the bees game! so we all hopped in cass's "clutch mazda" as hayden calls it and head down. it was a good solid time, we got in for free due to sneaky-ness. we met up with gayvin jillian sarah brady and christopher cutler. on our way out we got roughly 12 free full throttles and a polo with horse shuhh on it. who rides horses in down town? well thats what is smelled like at least.

then saturday..i had my eagle project. yup, I Cameron Ryther declare myself an eagle. I am no longer a human being. after forging a trail me and my home skillets played basketball and baseball all day long...steele bragged about himself and skateboarded though. haha. (we sorta love him still though) Later in the evening we went to golden corral. That is where i officially decided i have never enjoyed a buffet in my life. why pay mass amounts of money for food that sucks?? even later on in that evening sam and cassidy decided to drive by and say hi for like ten seconds before leaving me and whoever else to go hang with cooler people til 7 in the mo'n

Sunday - the most eventful day of them all by far.

Church - didnt go, i slept.
Grocery store - i bought hansens cherry vanilla soda, judge me for it. i dont have a kitchen (at my dads house) boo.

then lets see what else... oh yeah me and sarah had a picnic thing and she beat me in a game of horse. psh..i wasnt trying though....right?
then brady and hayden came over, we were in the middle of a lovely game of horse when jillian drives by and says CASS JUST CRASHED ON MY SCOOTER HOP IN! so we travel to the scene of the accident and see poor cassidy with 6 rocks lodged in her eye brow. and syb wasnt too injured but she did have a knee gushing blood for a second. it scared me more then her i think. lets see...then we continued our game of horse.. then everyone left so me and hayden tied a rope to the back of his jeep and longboarded on it, it felt just like wakeboarding sweeeeeeeeeettt.
just after finishing our longboarding adventure i recieved a phone call from my sister informing us that we should travel to draper park so we can roll down the hill inside a massive tube of chaos and smiles. that was SO much fun although i felt sick after due to the cookies i ate on the way to the park. then we went back home and the females made cookies whilst the males + jillian played basketball. After getting sick and tired of those two activities (keep in mind sarah and brady were intercoursing in the basement like the entire night) we whipped out the N64 and engaged in golden eye + Mario cart. both great games. lets see.. then we looked at the year book, and hayden had a story to tell about every face he saw hahaha..and then before we knew it it was 3 o clock in the morning and we thought everyone had left..
sarah comes upstairs after she got done getting it on and she says "wheres gayvin and jill" I replied "they went home" and she replied "no, gayvins shoes are right here" then gavin and jill walked up with massive smiles on thier faces. they were in sarahs bed. go gavin...
then at like 3:00 - 3:30 me sam and hayden started watching zoolander, haha but hayden only lasted about 5 minutes into it..but me and samantha held strong :) after taking her home at like 5 in the morning or somethin crazy hayden and i went to guals..dont ask me how or why it just happpened..when we entered the 24 hour mexican restaurant stephen james was sitting inside with a bunch of punk skater dirtbags and he had on a white basketball jersey. he looked way way way out of place..but oh well maybe when leaf and rich get back he will stop being a loser.

and that is how the cookie crumbles folks. if you read this whole thing i respect you. thank you for your time and have a charming day. if you were mad there were no pictures, look at my previous blog. thats where they can be viewed at. sweet weekend huh?


Sarah Jane said...

haaha i l.o.l.'d at this post like 4 different times. i would like to specify that i was not actually intercoursing. i was watching so i married an axe murderer.

Sammie Noellie said...

that weekend was definately a blast so was the one after that... and the one after that.. lets keep the tradition going yeah? haha

Ty Carter said...

hilarious Cam!