June 12, 2008


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Boston Celtics

If you know me, you know i like the Boston Celtics more then life. I have been "patiently awaiting for my chaince mayn" (patiently awaiting for my chance man) - Little Bow Wow. quote from the song Fresh AZIMIZ. ..i got off subject but yeah they have been amongst the worst teams in the National Basketball Association for years and years .. since 1989 to be exact. yeah, and on the off-season they acquired Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, Creating the Big 3. (paul pierce, ray allen, kevin garnett)

the season went really well, they ended up with the best record in the whole league (66-16) if i did my math right. So when the playoffs are about to start Jerry was being a d bag saying "oh the celtics are old men they will break down in the playoffs, wont make it past the second round for sure"... THEY ARE IN THE FINALS BIG GUY!
i am tired and i want to listen to bon jovi right now dont ask why.

thats right, they are in the freakin finals baby! up 3-1 on the Los Angeles Gays. Which is the celtics biggest rivalry and also...ALSO the lakers are tied with the yankees as my most hated team in the world. so good job L.A. way to impress cameron.

...bottom line is im stoked..the celtics are going to win the championship and then i can die a happy man!

Ps: thanks for all the fans...and the people that send me the "go celtics!!" texts. you know who you are, big help. there are an abundance of you folks :D


Ty Carter said...

Yeah Baby! Each time Kobe is swatted, each time he drops da F bomb on an official...Even better, the fans, each time he bricks, each time he goes 0 for 4 in a half and finishes out with 17 meager points, each time he says, "whine, drink beer, 20 shots...tonight we just wet the bed, not the kind you can put a towel under either," in a press conference, and each time an MVP loses in the finals....It brings me to tears...I get so happy...Go Celts!!!

PS-You have to see the press conference clip from last nights game...its so funny. Kobe is so dumb.

Cameron said...

haha where do i find it? i watch like everything on nba.com about the finals..maybe i will check there.

Ty Carter said...

Go to foxsports net and just check out the most recent videos where Kobe is set to speak. You will die. They are soooo funny. He is such a whiner.

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