June 15, 2008

Heaven's Sake..

Tell me where to work. My ideas are mens shoe store, Valet parking..thats about it so far..I better recieve a comment from the following people ASAP with good ideas of where to work.
Tyler Joseph Carter
Say Jay
Sam Bam
Cass the bass
Syb "Big tex" rowsky

...and honestly..thats everyone that views my blog i think. proud of you guys though. tell me where i should work.

Love, Cameron Bill Ryther


Ty Carter said...

Call my mom and check for a job with her brother. He sells plaques and sports memorabilia . Its fun and close

Sammie Noellie said...

um.. come to idaho and work on a farm im sure we could find you one somewhere!!

Sarah Jane said...

yeah i don't even know. busboy.

Unknown said...

I hear paper routes make bank.. i agree with sam idaho solves all problems!! love you

Cameron said...

Yeah jordan middlesworths fadre. i should..i hear its a hard job to get though because they dont need more then one and everyone wants to work there. maybe K could hook me up though! haha..

as for the idaho idea...it would be convenient and i'd get to see my wife more ..hmmm

sarah - Do i look like a busboy to you?

Cassidy - mm not a fan of paper routes, been there done that. haha and i will consider the idaho thing once again.

jessandbryce said...

i would just like to mention that i just passed an in and out in cali and they are highering starting at 12$. i was impressed haha.