July 8, 2008

June 20 - Now

It has been fun. way fun. i love summer and i love life.
Since i last wrote my life has continued to make me a happy camper. With a hint of pain.

I hit some gravel and took a spill in (208)..got some wicked bad road rash and some stitches in my hand and also a CRAZY goose egg on my hip that has a fancy word and wont go away for a long time! hooray!

I have had a bbq almost every night for about a week and a half straight.
Been spending my nights lighting sweet fireworks and laying on a hammock. bingo.

I saw get smart twice.. without sam.. (sorry!)

I visit Gayvin Riche at the snowie daily. its awesome..and every once in a while chris cutler will be there as well.

My family recently started to jump on the FHE bandwagon again.

I like my non pothead best friends. also i like my pothead friends. I also love my family too, even though sarah said i wasnt a good person to be the "man of the house" yesterday.

Utah is the place to live. if you have a problem with it then leave.

had my birthday on july 3rd. sweet bbq. go sarah + mom. and jerry. we had a soft serve ice cream machine and it was the coolest birthday EVER.

i like the afters. and jimmy eatworld.

i feel like i'm surrounded with pictures of sarah and brady.

Hanging out with new people is multi fun when you just dont care what they think of you.

Sar bought me some sweet clothes in vegas! also i got a bunch of slacks from D.I. that fit wierd.

Hayden had a ponytail yesterday and now my life is complete!

I wish i had pictures but they're on sarahs camera. sorry charlie.

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Ty Carter said...

Yeah...I'm starting to think FHE should be implemented periodically over a year. Then when the habit has been formed, then were asked to perform weekly....ha ha...wait, why isn't anyone laughing with me.