August 7, 2008


SO..Im terrible at blogging. I dont like to blog often because everyone else that blogs.. Cass, Sam, SARAH(MAINLY YOU..punk?), Syb, Adrienne, Tyler.. all you people are intimidating due to your crazy super blogging skills. along with anyones name that is not mentioned. every once in a while i need to just suck it up and write a terrible blog though. even if i get zero comments as usual.

Anyhooways.. Summer gets boring. When your not working.. and you need to stop spending money.. you need to get creative. Thats the bottom line. And that is exactly what me and my friends do. I'm just going to take this time to introduce everyone to my crib. Its neat and on a scale of 1 to 10 there is a 0% chance its my two houses combined. its just one house gentlemen and ladies.

You'll be checkin out Cameron's crib today, followed by Nelly.

this is my car everything is custom. Its hardly an acura anymore because i got everything custom. I'm Rich.

Yo Yo This is my door.

Check out the wood floors. They are from Tiger Woods house when he was a kid. I had them installed for ten million dollars its worth it though. its totally worth it because it helps my golf game.

Now this is the kitchen with granite countertops its dank i like it a lot. I bought the granite off of Kid Rock. Yeah it was Kid Rocks countertops but he gave them to me for two mil so i couldnt turn that offer down. I'm rich man it dont matta dawg ya dig?

Now lets look in the fridge. I dont drink anything but protein drinks. Nothin. My butler Herby wouldnt let me drink anything else if i tried because he knows how commited to excellence i am. I wouldnt have this crib if i wasnt so good at life.

I got my TV custom made for me how I liked it. I wanted the tv to be special so I decided to pay Tom Hanks 50 grand to assemble it for me.

This is my couch. Its where i like to spend my time. Very comfortable and sometimes my friends come over and sit here with me. Its my thinking area as well.

Now this here is my brand new malibu boat. It cost me 4 Million because of all the tweaks and custom paint jobs and what not. Its crazy there are actually diamonds in the white rims on my trailer.

Now this be my room. Its where I take my ladies. You can see i got the custom mini fridge with my sponsors also some trophys along with that really nice bear fur blanket. I hired John Candy to go shoot 8 bears and then he made me that blanket himself right before he starred in the movie "uncle buck"

Now this is my bed where the magic happens.

I like spending time right here. Never alone. I like gold diggers.

Now these... These are my prized shoes. I love them more then my golddiggers. They are all made specifically for me. I like them even more then my protein.

And this is my pimp juice. I drink some every day. It has a heavy amount of alcohol but it keeps me hip.

Alright MTV CRIBS thanks for your time but you should leave NOW.


Sarah Jane said...

Haha! Kid Rock doesn't have granite countertops!

Lauren Alexis said...

Don't be intimidated by blogging! You're blogs are enjoyable to read....can I come to your crib?

Unknown said...

Hahaha Tom Hanks assembled your TV!! bahaha props Cam this is a sick post!! luh it!

Cameron said...

you guys are all early birds!

Ty Carter said...

Sick...Sick Man, when does this air?

Sammie Noellie said...

bahahahaha oh my heavens.. you have WAY too much time on your hands! and as for those golddiggers i am slightly disappointed about that.. haha i think this is the best MTV cribs ive seen. so me and coleman give you props. :D