August 14, 2008


I recently found out that I am departing for Oregon today.

Reason: Cory needs to get all of his shuhh together from his mothers house so he can move back home to the greatest place on earth, Utah.

I am simply going to help Jerry drive because its such a long drive hes not sure he can do it all by himself.. also he wants company.

My two favorite bands right now are Audioslave and Augustana.

I have heard so much about Oregon from everyone. EVERYONE loves it. Especially Hayden, Sam, Cass, and Sar. So much fuss over it its about time i see it for myself so im pretty excited!

On the downside. I am missing two concerts that I want to see REAL BAD. One of which I have been counting down the days for, for a long long time.. :(

Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah. - Would have been Free and awesome.

Jack Johnson. Hes in my top 5 musicians of all time.. and im missing him.. Depressing.

Life is terrific though! Rumple Stiltskin is a good man. I have a bellybutton. Stay in school.


Lauren Alexis said...

OH MY! Rumple Stilskin!

Ty Carter said...

2 Concerts? Wow, this is a very important trip Mr. Ryther. Remember who you are...and only you can prevent forest fires. I hope you take pictures!