August 11, 2008

People of the blogging community?

Sam. Tyler. You dont blog enough. Neither do I...but come on kick it into gear. specially tyler, step it up big guy.

Cassidy. Sarah. Syb. Pat yourselves on the back because you guys blog a lot. and it keeps me entertained.

I will now leave you with this..

Thats the reality people. Thats as American as it gets.


Ty Carter said...

You have inspired me Master Camicahn. Your wisdom does exceed that of a wild turkey vulture loose in a can of gummy worms. I will answer your call and raise a toast to you and your people.

Unknown said...

Thanks for blogging slightly more often... i appreciate it and thanks for the shout out!

peace and love

Sammie Noellie said...

ps i blogged!!