August 14, 2008

Tagged.. I am.

I am Adam Sandler + Owen Wilsons Spawn
I am grass
I am a butterfly
I am the Michael Jordan of assembling quality steering wheeles
I am Darius Miles
I am Miles Davis if peeing your pants is cool
I am the Joker
I am a digital camera
I am Tom Petty
I am the one who wears the pants in my relationships
I am John Candy's best friend
I am Rock
I am not a rock at the same time.. we discussed this
I am Billy Squier
I am the remote control
I am Chris Farley's naughty little pet
I am the Batman
I am the Delta Center
I am Red Sox
I am a sweaty WWE Wrestler
I am Mr Henning
I am the spawn of the tickle monster
I am a rodeo
I am Cameron Scott Ryther
I am the Three Minute Wash
I am Content
I am Whipped Cream
I am Leatherbees
I am American
I am Glass Bottle Coke
I am Albertsons brand of cream soda
I am Red Cream Soda
I am Wilt
I am Kevin Mchale
I am Waltzing Matilda
I am Acura
I am coffee ice cream
I am school for scoundrels
I am Rico
I am Dave
I am Hot Rod
I am snickers
I am footy pajamas
I am a quote
I am Hotel California
I am Mount Rushmore
I am a new beginning
I am bored
I am Bob Marley (snowie edition)
I am rasta
I am Utah
I am Willie Nelson
I am movie popcorn
I am trident watermelon gum
I am green stride gum
I am the cheese to your macaroni


Sarah Jane said...

thank you so much cameron this is great you are such a great sharer and you make me smile i love my brother i'm sorry i pick on you. k bye.

Ty Carter said...

...I am Cameron's friend

Unknown said...

I am scoot crashing road rashing