September 27, 2008

Did my Eagle Project benefit the community?

Thats a million dollar question people. The answer is.. it maybe helped for a couple months. So all those little snot nosed bikers could have yet another trail to enjoy..

I'll cut to the chase. My Eagle Project is now gone. It was engulfed in flames.. and now its just a lame charcoal black mountain. It brings no smiles, it doesnt benefit anyone.. and it was a lot of wasted time and hard work. BUT we got some good pictures out of it. remember these?

Cameron + Scott

BIG DAVE.. My hero.

Thats a solid picture of some of my best friends. Look at how cute they are.

I was wearing a scout shirt.. Jerry's green scout pants.. and a white belt that was too big for me.............................................. throw me a bone i deserve to flip sarah off.

Yeah so all of that hard work.. we had 25 people there.. from 8 in the morning til noon..thats a lot of work. You do the math.
Never mind i'll do the math.
25 people x 4 hours = 100 hours of hard labor and smiles.


Sammie Noellie said...

that is a tragedy. how unfortunate. i am sorry.

Julie Ann said...

I'm sorry your Eagle project no longer exists. You can feel good knowing you did a good thing and got your Eagle, though. This is the mother in me... don't ever flip anyone off!!! :) Especially not your sister.

Ty Carter said...

I got my eagle one