September 11, 2008


I got a job at dillards. Yeah baby. Interesting huh? yeah. Well Brady works there and loves it. And I love Brady. So dillards = Where I want to work. I am super excited it will be a nice change from the car wash. Although.. I will miss the wash dearly that is my heart and soul and I just had to finally pull the cord on it. (i may still work there from time to time because i'm still attached.)Want to see where everyone should live life? The 3 minute wash oh yeah! Dont judge the picture because there is a massive giant in the way.. he comes and goes.

Anyways I have been doing training for the past couple days and it is the most boring thing in the world. I sit in a blank room with a variety of interesting people and we all get to listen to the boss talk about sexual harassment. - Not that fun. Also.. I do not know where I will be working in dillards yet for sure but hopefully like.. Polo or Cologne?? Perhaps shoes but I dont think that will be my first placement. Im eager to know where I will be put haha. Anyways yeah so I swear the next person to text me "so where are you working in dillards" will be shot. With something mild like a paintball gun.. or possibly one of these throwing stars.

I wont actually throw one of those because it could probably puncture the skin of a rhino from a mile away. and i dont do that.

Did I invent hip hop? No, but I was there.

I love you.


Unknown said...

and this is my lesbain sister, why don't you tell them about your softball game?

Julie Ann said...

Cameron you are a crack up! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm adding you as my blogger buddy!!! What is Cassidy talking lesbian sister? Creepy!! Have a great day!

Sarah Jane said...

hahahaahahaha love you

Sammie Noellie said...

haha i had no idea what you were talking about when you said that to me last night then that part came and i LOL'd btw jewels its from a movie. her candles smell AWESOME!

Sammie Noellie said...

lavender you get on my head