September 24, 2008

Music Is My Beach House.

I realized something.. I realized that music literally is my Beach House. Its not an analogy.

I am going to ask myself a question.

Cameron, What bands would you pay BIG money to see in concert?

Great question Cameron thanks for asking... uhh


Third Eye

Goo Goo Dolls

The Beatles
- John Lennon Made that impossible because he got himself killed by stepping in the way of a mans bullet path.

Blessid Union Of Souls

Guns N' Roses

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Nirvana - again not possible.. thanks to the fact that Kurt ended his talented life.

Foo Fighters

Death Cab

Panic At The Disco

Unwritten Law
- Syb wanna go? I'll bring the beers.. I'll bring the beers.

Kenney Chesney

Tim Mcgraw
- I attempted this one but unfortunatley I had rocks in my leg + a hematoma (pregnant on my thigh) .. and this girl shut me down?

Uncle Cracker - Eh I'd pay 5$ tops to see him.

Johnny Cash - Screw mortality. You should still be living. Amen.

John Mayer / Jack Johnson - I'd give my hip to see these fellas

Toby Keith

Sugarhill Gang

Earth Wind & Fire

Rascal Flatts ------ IF there was a girl I liked whom wanted to see them REALLY bad. haha


Jimmy Eat World

Michael Buble - Jake, You in?

Simon & Garfunkel

K my list can go on forever...these are the bands I'd give my liver to see play. or 100+ dollars. Whichever is worth more.

Now.. I tag.. Sar, Syb, Sammie, Cass, Ali, Julie, Mom. Nobody else. Thats it. also.. remember.. I dont want to hear about what bands you like I want to hear about what bands you want to give your liver to.

K I love you. I need to go sell some Jessica Simpsons but i'll be back at 9 to read all of them. And if its not done I will be very upset. <3


Unknown said...

Ya know what?? NO I will not do this!

Sarah Jane said...

You know who won't do this? mom! but nice try. She doesn't listen to music though chief.

Julie Ann said...

Cameron, my list would not be very long and it would be very boring to you. But, I am honored to have made your list!!!

Sammie Noellie said...

i didnt shut you down.. i live in a different state and was leaving the next day it was virtually impossible. :( now i am sad at you. btw this might be imposible to do for me but i will try.