September 17, 2008

You tell me, Brainhead.

Yesterday I was playing poker with my friends. It was the most fun i've had in like a day.

Freaking hayden got me even more stoked for winter because he kept talking about hot chocolate.. and then provo thursday got brought up. and now I want winter to be here NOW.

ALSO: yesterday.. hayden and myself decided to go see the rocker at 10:30 PM on a school night because we play by our own rules, nobody elses, not even our own. On our way to the movies in haydens lovely green jeep we pulled up to a light..and this cute girl pulled up next to us. I smiled at her, she smiled back.. and then she flipped me off. That makes negative sense huh? I know what you're asking yourselves.. Why did you smile at her? Answer: Because my know it all health teacher told me to. Did you even care to meet this girl cameron? No. I was just being friendly. She looked like a happy human being.

Today I wore my cookie beard shirt to school. I think its my favorite shirt because whenever I wear it I am way outgoing / My regular randomness is multiplied by at least 4.

What makes me smile? Nacho libre, Friends, and the fact that this one girl in my health class's biggest fear is being buried alive. (she's emo ask sarah for more details)

I'm multi restless right now and I cant figure out why but maybe its the fact that I got next to zero sleep last night because I had wayy too much caffine at that movie, and brady + sar were doing literally nothing but opening and closing creaking doors til 3 in the morning. I watched nacho libre like 1 1/2 times while attempting to fall asleep.

k I need to go to dillards. Its purple shirt day but I'm going with a plaid blazer instead. The one from my MTV cribs yo.

k thank you. and when I say "you" I mean the world. k bye


Julie Ann said...

Okay Cam, you are so random!!! You crack me up just like sarah does. Must run in the family!! You're too cute. Have fun at Dillards. Take care, Julie

Unknown said...