October 7, 2008

I Don't Do Sleep

Maybe thats why I'm so productive. Today I did all kinds of stuff.. Car wash, Sent a package at the UPS store, Haircut, filled up my car, ate, talked with my best ex-boss ever.. (bill), I'm now writing my second blog today, I played madden, I frowned upon Keith, Discussed politics with Dad, I discussed Stocks with Jenny and Dad. Ya all kinds of stuff..

If I could play an instrument such as the guitar I'd be bigger then John Lennon for sure.

When I grow up I'm starting a family band. I'll play the drums and I'll sing. Everyone else in my family will do other stuff such as the guitars and the kid I strongly dislike for not being as awesome as my other kids will take the keyboard.
We'll be a mix between Nirvana, Audioslave, and Jack Johnson. We WILL be bigger then the Jackson 5. Mark my words.

Fact: One thing every human craves is to have a famous quote that they get credit for. A quote that would be used in every day scenarios.. In schools, Businesses, anywhere. I havent thought of one but I'll just 'WOW' you all right now..It wont be hard.
"Nobody knows the depth of their own heart"

I just made that up. Poof. Its easy, If you have words such as "depth" and "heart" .. You can easily make up a memorable quote. Just as I did.

This quote is meaningless, But it sounds deep. What does that even mean?
It doesnt matter though.. Because people teaching classes use worthless material like this all the time. My Physical Science teacher is living proof.



Sarah Jane said...

Remember the other day when that girl Nicole rammed her chair into Dr. McArthur's old shrively knee and he yelled at her for abusing a cripple! Then waved his cane. While laughing because she was scared and he was kidding?

... Yeah.

McKall said...

Um hey cameron! so question, why is there "elton brand" next to my name? oh and great new post, your fantastic!