October 7, 2008

Last Night...

at about 3 30 in the morning.. I was getting ready to sleep on Eriks couch (yahoo) because his parents were out of town and a few of us were hangin out haha..
yeah so I got up to get a nice cold alcoholic beverage and when I came back I was about to lay down when a massive 20 foot tree (this is indoors by the way) fell on me. Soo.. ? It whipped me across the throat it hurt way bad I have a scratch still if anyone feels like viewing it. When I got up from the massive tree avalanche keith was standing in the corner of the room by the root of the tree laughing. He was going to get a blanket from the corner and accidentally knocked a 20 foot tree over onto me. The only reason I believe it was an accident is because..

Keith = a Polar Bear.

I think every person should own a pair of some really nasty lookin Jessica Simpsons.

In other news tonight I will be seeing Weezer/Angels and Airwaves/ Tokyo Police Club?

I'm crazy for Weezer. Angels and Airwaves... I havent come around yet..perhaps tonight will change that..

WHO the H is Tokyo Police Club? Please tell me.

oh by the way.. This week put a huge hole in my wallet. My laptop broke so thats 300$ to fix. 4 new tires and an alignment = 680$


Also.. real quick if anyone wants a free "Keen" (Sandal Brand) T-Shirt.. Ya womens shoes hooks me up. Its in a mens large, Doesnt fit me so if nobody claims it soon i'll put it up on ebay and you'll never see it again.


Sarah Jane said...

give it to cory! ha

Lauren Alexis said...

ha you just recommended Jessica Simpson shoes! My sister would like you!

Julie Ann said...

You are the most random person I know! It's what makes you so likable, though! How is Dillards these days?