October 1, 2008

The One Pound Challenge


Happy Birthday Cass! I hope you enjoy that green card of delight.

I got a raise at work! already! Im freakin pumped! I've been drinking green tea all gosh dang day because of it. Also.. I got the choice of a free bra or a free shirt. I went with the shirt but now im having second thoughts on whether that was the right choice. You tell me.

Let me tell you a story.

Fudruckers - Most white trash place on earth I hate it I HATE it!! anyways.. Hayden and Dillon showed up in womens shoes yesterday and said CAMERON. We are going to fudruckers and doing the 1 pound challenge as soon as you get off work. I agreed.. I always enjoy challenges.
The one pound challenge =
1. 1 Pound Burger
2. Large Cheese Fries
3. A massive brownie fudge sunday

it costs 17$ and if you finish it you get a t-shirt.
(from this point on I'm going to spare you the specifics)
When we embarked on the challenge hayden started off eating his burger and fries super fast but he had trouble with the last bite of his burger.. me and dillon took like an hour to eat our burger and fries. Finally we all did it.. and we started on our sundays..

I'll stop the story there. We all finished and got T-shirts and a picture. Hooray. I'll never eat there again as long as I live.

Sarah took a picture of me after this whole thing. Its not pretty but maybe you'll get the opportunity to view it.

Which Kurt Cobain Line is more dark..

"Sell the kids for food"
"Nature is a whore"


Dude freakin after I got home from the Fudruckers ordeal I walked in the door to ridiculous techno music and one of the top 10 coolest parties I've ever been to. I'd like to thank cass and Julie.. because you two made that happen by existing. Also I'd like to thank Sarah and Ryan for throwing the party and what not. I met some new people. Dan = Levi. Which is neat.

I got to see robbie, Ryan, Reese, Mckall, Syb, Cass, Sar, Scottie, Henderson, Jermaine O'Niel, Dan, semi levi, casper the friendly ghost, Trevor, oh jill, Courtney, bingo.
Who else did I leave out? uhh was adge there?
anyways. it was a good time. There was live music in Lynnettes Kitchen.. Performing was Nirvana, The little drummer boy, Michael Buble.

My tires are bald and my alignment is off I am super excited about that. It'll take a solid 700 + out of my paycheck.

It feels like I got a bullet right to the heart. Can someone please drive me to alta view hospital immediatley?.....

Wade and Spencer from my work want me to go clubbing with them but thats not really my thing so I'll play it cool. Riley and Trevor are pervs.


Sarah I love you.

Syb nice talking to you today. Agreed? Just think about my words let them burn in your mind.

I suck at blogging but who cares. k time for dillards. bye.


Sarah Jane said...

haha! i think i forgot my camera at home so you can take the liberty of putting the fuddruckers picture on your computer if you want. i love you too!

Julie Ann said...

You don't suck at blogging. You are hilarious! Thanks for making Cassidy's birthday so great. She loved the 10 car washes. Best birthday present ever! :) Cameron you are the best!!

Unknown said...

Cam+Halo= I HATE!!!! But I love you & you are the best ever!!

xoxo gg