November 17, 2008

8 E I G H T 8

8 shows I watch:

1. Heroes
2. The Office
3. Family Guy
4. Friends
5. Arrested Development
6. Seinfeld
8. (real) MTV Cribs

8 things that happened yesterday:

1. Went to church (Mckall, Cassidy, Trevor.. Where were you guys? You may as well do LSD if you arent even attending your LDS church. hababahabhaha I'm priceless)
2. NBA Live
3. Giants won
4. Jerry's Birthday
5. Pumpkin Pie
6. Saw McKall at dillons house
7. Watched Leatherheads
8. uhh.. Facebook?

8 Places I like to eat:
1. Iggy's
2. Five guys
3. Noodles
4. Cafe Rio
5. Janbo
6. Lynnettes House
7. Scotts House

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1. Thanksgiving in UTAH! (For once!)
2. Finding out when I work today
3. Christmas..Music!
4. Twilight midnight showing haha
5. This weekend
6. Mission
7. More snow
8. Life

8 I wish:

1. For a new watch

2. for my clothes I left in McKalls car... :) jk but really, I want the sweatshirt back.
3. My friends to not go on missions until I do..
4. New headphones
5. Money.. psh nah money ain't a thang
6. New Attire
7. Everybody up north, grandparents, Kisers, Uncle Tim, and Flint.. Migrate South!!!
8. I wish Satan would die

8 things I'm obsessed with:

1. Hayden
2. Womens Shoes
3. Grilling
4. Arnold Palmers
5. Spending Money
6. Snowboarding
7. You
8. People who wear their sunglasses on the back of their head.

8 songs for you to listen to:

1. Tuesday's Gone - Lynyrd Skynyrd
2. Silver - Nirvana
3. Non-Dairy Creamer - Third Eye Blind
4. What it's like - Everlast
5. Bixby Canyon Bridge - Death Cab
6. Elizabeth - RuRu
7. Bubble Toes - Jack Johnson
8. In the Arms of the Gypsy - SHAKE YOUR PEACE!


McKall said...

Cameron I love you. For many reasons but most of all because your the greatest. I was at church just not your church and you shoulda asked me for your sweatshirt yesterday! I totally didn't think about it! ps I also love when people wear their sunglasses on the back of their heads! hahaha

Julie Ann said...

You always and forever continue to crack me up. Where do you get such a personality? Have a great day and enjoy the midnight showing of Twilight! Let me know what you think.

Unknown said...

Trev and I were infact doing LSD at church on Sunday... how did you know?