November 13, 2008

I found a drink to replace those watermelon Arizona's.

Today I picked Tyson up to go to snowbird and he handed me a drink.

I HATED it at first.. but it took me all day to drink it and I'm obsessed with it now.

I told tyson "this drink is dank!" and he replied "Ya man try it with a blunt"

(Wont happen I'm more into prime times)

It is Ice Tea + Lemonade. As you can see it is called "Arnold Palmer" with pictures of him all over it.

Can it get any better then that?

Also... What is wrong with Ice Tea??

Thought I'd just let you all know that i found a new favorite drink..

You wont catch me dead without one of these in my hand!


Unknown said...

I wish you would of acknowledeged our jont to TRH yesterday! I guess arnold palmer is cooler then cassidy kiser! whateve

p.s. my word verification is MINTI :)

Cameron said...

I cant mention that cass its on the DL. Remember how I winked at you when the waiter asked if we would like the checks seperate or together?

.. I'm smooth as a babies bottom.

Cameron said...

Better yet... YOU blog about it. I payed. hahaha

Julie Ann said...

I'm glad you and Cass are having so much fun together. Does Trevor know? wink, wink!!! :)

Adrienne said...

read it.

Sarah Jane said...

Iced Tea?? You want to know what is wrong with it? It is a strong drink like unto coffee or tea that isn't iced dimwit!

Cameron said...

It has 0 caffine. Its not strong!