January 16, 2009

Look who creeping look who crawling still balling in the mist

Pullin tricks looking slick at all times when I'm flipping
Bar sipping car dipping grand wood grain gripping

I will get my blood sucked if I dont blog.

Dagnabbit. I want to see NOTORIOUS. Comes out today.

I just love Biggie. I find his music to be hilarious. And I watched the trailer to NOTORIOUS and it seemed good. He wasnt always a home slice. I bet you didnt know that.

I got a new watch. I personally love it. My other watch got rallied when I went down on the vespa. haha

.. Dank.

2008 was the best year of my life. I graduated high school. Turned 18. Started college and had the time of my life. I'm excited/nervous for 2009. It should bring some major life changes.

Holy cow I just had the BEST APPLE EVER. They are Redish/green. way shiny. and they are just the right amount of sweet for an apple.

Just incase you were wondering... I still drink Arnold Palmers.

To my fans, and those who care. I'm sorry I havent blogged in over a month. Here are some pictures of what's up.

Thats Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve... and everything in between. I live my life on the edge. I wasn't like every other kid who dreamed of being an astronaut... I was always more interested in what bark was made out of on trees.

I'll try to blog more because sometimes it makes me feel good depending on if people leave comments or not.


Unknown said...

This is what I live for...love your posts, love you, love Sarah!


Ty Carter said...

Yes! You've finally posted! There's no cure for ryther fever! You just gotta take more!

Sammie Noellie said...

thank you thank you thank you! you finally wrote your life is safe now. haha no blood sucking will take place. thank you for brightening my day with your lovely blogging.

McKall said...

great post cam cam. you and sarah have such blue eyes its fantastic!

Adrienne said...

Two things:

I read the whole post.
I hate apples.

Julie Ann said...

I'm so glad to see that a month without blogging hasn't eliminated your sense of humor. You are still sooooo funny. Great pictures! 2009 will be just as great for you, I'm positive!! p.s. did you ruin your watch on the vespa accident in Idaho? Just checking! :)