February 10, 2009


Keith. My best friend Keith left on a mission last wednesday.. I'm sad but it was time to cut the cord. He'll be a great missionary and we had some great times. We are going to live in a coltasac together when we grow up. He is an awesome human that resembles santa in a way. how you wonder? Well Keith equals santa with no emotion, but he has white hair and can grow a big white beard that is a mix between santas and pao gasols. I miss him because he is keith there is no other way to describe it.
Keith has some nicknames... Once you see these pictures you'll understand why he has them.
"polar keif"
"Sex God"
uhh that one doesnt really ... yeah.
"Cookie Slayer"

yeah those are his nicknames. Hes great I wish everybody got a chance to meet him.

I'm freakin pumped! Go keith!


Go Keith!

Yeah Keith!

WHOA... SLOW DOWN DENISE..You can't just waltz in here off the streets and demand to be in my crew...

I love this kid.


Sarah Jane said...

bahaha. he looks like a harry potter classmate in the last pic!

McKall said...

Go Keith!!